Laser Cutting

Laser cutting with 4.0 machinery

A technology that has revolutionized the world of carpentry and that at Orlando Ltd. we leverage to meet the needs of our customers every day.

Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser cutting allows for very fast and precise cuts, reducing production time and costs and always promoting the quality of the finished product. For the precision and versatility of this machining process, our company has invested in the latest generation (4.0) laser cutting machinery in order to produce high-quality products and optimize production time.

Orlando Industry Taglio Laser
Orlando Industry taglio laser

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Iron and steel laser cutting

The pluses of laser cutting also include greater design flexibility. Because of the precision of the cut, complex shapes and designs can be created much more easily than with traditional cutting methods.

Starting from a drawing or design, we at Orlando Ltd. can create customized and unique products that always meet customers’ specific needs.

Through technologically advanced machinery, we respond to all kinds of requests about the processing and laser cutting of iron and stainless steel, offering a high-quality product in a short time.

At our carpentry in Carpenedolo (Brescia), we have two stations dedicated to laser cutting that use very high performance 4.0 machinery:

  • 1x Laser cutting station with Bevel head (15 kW) – 6500 x 2600 workbench: inclined cutting of iron and steel with thickness up to 4cm
  • 1x LaserTech laser cutting workstation (20 kW) – 6000 x 2500 workbench: cutting iron and steel with thickness up to 4cm

If you want to perform laser cutting operations quickly and at competitive prices, rely on Orlando srl: customized solutions, high quality and fast delivery.

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