Orlando Industry

239 September XX Street,

25013 - Carpenedolo (BS)


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Our services

Equipped with a large fleet of machinery to deal with any kind of processing required, we offer a wide range of services: from the processing of iron, stainless steel and other alloys to the design and manufacture of agricultural machinery.

Bowls for vibratory tumblers

Orlando srl is a company specialized in the design and production of stainless steel bowl for vibratory tumblers, tailor-made products based on specific customer requests.

All our vibratory cups are assembled at our Carpenedolo (Brescia) facility, in areas dedicated exclusively to the production of such components and only by qualified personnel.

Orlando Industry tazze vibranti

Laser Cutting

With technologically advanced machinery, we respond to all kinds of requests related to laser cutting of iron and stainless steel, offering a high-quality product in a short time. At our Carpenedolo (Brescia) headquarters, we have two dedicated laser cutting stations that take advantage of very high-yield 4.0 machinery.

Metal carpentry

A flexible and extremely detail-oriented service to ensure ad hoc, quality solutions in a timely manner.

Agricultural machinery

A complete service for making agricultural machinery from technical drawings provided by the customer, or made together with our staff.

Stainless Steel Machining

Processing of iron, INOX steel and other anti-corrosion metal alloys to be transformed into components for industrial and non-industrial sectors by advanced machinery and highly skilled employees.

Iron and stainless steel bending

We have state-of-the-art machinery for numerous processes, including the bending of metals such as iron and stainless steel.

An advanced fleet of machines

Two dedicated laser cutting stations enable us to easily process iron and stainless steel for third parties, offering customers high quality and speed in production and delivery.

We also have a dedicated welding area with highly trained and professional staff with qualification licenses.

1 Laser Cutting Workstation

Workbench 6000 x 2500: cutting iron and steel with thickness up to 40mm

1 dedicated welding zone

Orlando lavorazioni metalliche

1 Fiber Laser Cutting Station 15kw

Workbench 6500 x 2500: Bevel head for inclined cutting of iron and steel with thickness up to 40mm

1 Bending station