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About us


Orlando Ltd. has a long production experience constructing bowls for vibratory tumblers. It started its business in 1998 under the name “Cusumano Baldassare” and changed it to its current name Orlando Ltd since January 2011.

The company’s technical and operational structure has steadily grown by innovating and adapting to new market demands, strengthened by its 20 years of experience, it has long achieved an operational capacity that enables it to carry out various production projects through comprehensive services of: Laser cutting, bending, welding, turning, iron and steel processing.
Orlando Carpenedolo
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Years of history

What we do

Tazze e contenitori per vibratori industriali Orlando

Containers for vibratory tumblers

All our industrial vibrator enclosures are assembled in-house, in areas dedicated exclusively to welding, by personnel qualified for that task.

Orlandi Macchine Agricole

Agricultural Machinery

All machinery can be customized by the customer in terms of technical characteristics, sizing, shapes, functionality and all kinds of other requests.

Taglio Laser carpenteria Orlando


A complete service that ranges from laser cutting of iron, stainless steel and other anti-corrosion metal alloys, to bending and welding processes thanks to advanced machinery and highly qualified collaborators.

Why choose Orlando.

High quality of creations, first-rate materials, highly qualified staff able to deal with any type of request. Development of solutions for every type of application, customization in terms of dimensions, shapes and technical requirements: all of it makes Orlando.

Prototyping service

An exclusive service of prototyping for your technical drawing: we are able to turn your design on paper into reality, quickly and at decidedly competitive prices.

Professional and fast

Years of experience allow us to respond quickly to customers requests, with the certainty of solving their problems and providing them with a product in line with their needs.

Custom job orders

Our professionals are able to match any type of request and tailor-made customization, even based on drawings, for the creation of machinery and components for different sectors, from agricultural to industrial.

Orlando Taglio Laser

We are ready to implement your project

We are able to do custom and customized work: if you have drawings based on which you want to make your farm machine, we will follow the drawing and make it based on the desired features.

Or we will design it together.