Orlando Industry

239 September XX Street,

25013 - Carpenedolo (BS)


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Specializing in laser cutting and stainless steel processing, we design and manufacture bowls for vibratory tumblers and agricultural machinery.

Carpentry in Brescia

Our services

For years we have been in the metalworking sector, with highly professional services and high construction quality.

Laser cutting of iron and steel

With two modern laser cutting stations, we carry out all kinds of metal carpentry work for third parties, in a short time and at competitive prices.

Containers for vibratory tumblers

We specialize in the design and manufacture of fully customizable stainless steel bowls for vibratory tumblers.

Agricultural machinery

We make fully customized agricultural machines from drawings supplied by the customer or of our own design.

Orlando Industry

Our strengths

We distinguish ourselves in the market by the high quality of our materials, the professionalism of our employees and a fleet of machines that can meet the most special requests in a quick time.


We offer a prototyping service for the production of one-of-a-kind pieces based on technical drawings, quickly, with high quality and precision results.


We guarantee flexible and professional service to realize any customer's request and customize the final product.


We specialize in the design and manufacture of cups for industrial vibrators, with high-quality materials by skilled staff and state-of-the-art machinery.

From design to laser cut

A state-of-the-art fleet of machines

Our years of experience enable us to respond to our customers’ requests in a timely manner. We know how to solve their problems and provide them with a product based on their needs and agreements: reliable, customized and in a short time.

  • 2 dedicated stations for laser cutting of iron and steel to shape sheets up to 40mm thick
  • Dedicated workstations for metal component bending and welding processes