Bowls for vibratory tumblers

Bowls for vibratory tumblers

Bowls for vibratory tumblers are mechanical devices used for separating and classifying bulk materials based on characteristics such as density, shape and size. They are composed of a bowl into which the material to be treated is inserted, and a motor which generates the vibrations necessary to carry out the separation process.

Vibrating bowls are used in several industrial sectors, including food, pharmaceutical and metallurgy.

Orlando Industry tazze vibranti
Orlando Industry Saldatura Tazze Vibranti

Orlando: specialization and experience

Orlando srl is a company specialized in the design and production of stainless steel bowl for vibratory tumblers, tailor-made products based on specific customer requests.

With many years of experience in steel processing, we are able to guarantee customers containers for industrial vibrators of the highest quality, providing a highly professional service that allows the complete customization of the products: from dimensions to particular technical requirements.


All our vibrating bowls are assembled at the carpentry in Carpenedolo (Brescia), in areas dedicated exclusively to the production of vibrating bowls by  only qualified personnel.

Request a quote for bowls for vibratory tumblers: at Orlando srl we guarantee you high quality creations, with selected materials and completely customizable in terms of dimensions, shapes and technical requirements.

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